3rd Saturday Lecture: Virtual Realities: Extreme Illusionism in Qing Court Painting.

11/21/2020 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM PT


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Virtual Meeting URL: https://sdsu.zoom.us/j/94538630661


Elaine Pearce on the illusion of 3 dimensions in Qing court painting


Creating the illusion of three dimensions on a two-dimensional surface has historically been a goal of some artists both in Europe and China, but utilizing very different approaches. In the early 18th century, a collision of these two traditions occurred, primarily between a supreme connoisseur, the Qianlong Emperor, and an extraordinarily versatile artist, Giuseppe Castiglione, also known as Lang Shining. The marvels in art and architecture that they co-created will be the subject of this lecture.

Join the virtual meeting at https://sdsu.zoom.us/j/94538630661

This event is a collaboration between SDCHM and the SDSU Chinese Cultural Center.

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