US - Taiwan Friendship: Ambassador Drumright's Art Collection at SDCHM - Postponed

11/06/2020 - 02/20/2021




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404 Third Ave
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US - Taiwan Friendship: Ambassador Drumright's Art Collection at SDCHM
(Postponed due to COVID-19)


Everett Francis Drumright (1906-1993) was an American diplomat with an illustrious career.  Freshly graduated from the University of Oklahoma, Drumright began participating in diplomatic affairs in 1931.  He served as a language officer in Mainland China and Japan, and, later, as the chief officer of the U.S. Division of Chinese Affairs. He became the U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of China (Taiwan) in 1958.  Drumright continued to serve as ambassador throughout the early years of the Kennedy presidency. 


Ambassador Drumright married travel writer Florence Teets Drumright (1915-2003) in 1953. During the couple’s four years in Taiwan, Ambassador Drumright was the official liaison between Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and Generalissimo Chiang Kai. In 1962, Ambassador Drumright retired after 32 years in the Foreign Service and moved to Poway, California with Florence.  Ambassador Drumright, who was fluent in Chinese, continued to lecture extensively at colleges and universities after leaving the State Department. The couple were on the board of directors of SDCHM.


Ambassador and Mrs. Drumright were avid collectors of Chinese art.  Florence Drumright studied calligraphy and painting during her four years in Taiwan. The couple befriended many artists during their stay in Taiwan, which resulted in their sizable collection of ink paintings, calligraphic scrolls, and prints.  After Ambassador Drumright passed away in 1993, Mrs. Drumright donated a significant portion of their collection to SDCHM. The exhibition will feature paintings and calligraphy by prominent artists such as Zhang Daqian (張大千),Chen Dancheng (陳丹誠)Yeh Zuibai (葉醉白),and even Florence Drumright herself. 

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